Mysteries Theories About What Exactly Happened in the Jamison Family Murders  

Lea Rose Emery
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The Jamison family deaths may be one of the most tragic, puzzling, and infuriating cases you've ever heard. While there are so many theories about the Jamison family murders, most of them raise more questions than answers.

The Jamison family mystery is as follows: Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison, along with their daughter Madyson, disappeared on October 8, 2009. The family was thought to be looking to buy a 40 acre plot of land near Red Oak, OK. They packed up their truck and were never seen again. 

The truck was found within a few days. Inside was their dog who was nearly starved to death. Not only that, the Jamison's IDs, phones, and, bizarrely $32,000 in cash were also found in the car. Back at the house, they found a witch's bible, as well as strange inscriptions scrawled on the inside of storage container owned by the family. Nobody knew what happened, but theories abounded. The Jamison family clues point all over the place. 

Then things got really weird. In November 15, 2013, the skeletons of two adults and a child were found a few miles from where the truck had been. Although they were presumed to be the remains of the Jamisons, this wasn't confirmed until July 2014. And even then, the remains were so heavily decomposed there was no way to tell cause of death. 

So, what happened to the Jamison family? Here are the theories. 

They Were the Victims of a Satanic Cult

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After their disappearance, a lot of confusing evidence came to light, including video footage of them packing up the vehicle. Apparently, Bobby and Sherilyn looked like zombies, moving slowly back and forth from the house all without speaking to each other. Some say it's a sign of drugs, some say they just had a fight, but could it be something more sinister? Could it just be an effect of brainwashing? 

Sherilyn's mother later came forward saying she believes an unnamed religious cult could be behind the killings. “Just like I've said from the very beginning, I think somebody killed them,” she said. “There's just no way that Bobby and Sherilyn would ever let anything happen to Madyson unless something had been done to them.” She claimed they were on a cult hit list, and that a satanic bible was found inside their house.

They Were Engaged in Spirtual Warfare, And Lost

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It's pretty out there, but it's a real theory. The family's pastor, Gary Brandon, said the family was engaged in "spiritual warfare" in their home.  As in, they thought their home was possessed by spirits. Bobby asked the pastor for a satanic bible and special bullets to help with an exorcism. Not only that, a 'witch's bible' was reportedly found at their house in the first investigation and messages such as "three cats killed to date buy (sic) people in this area … Witches don’t like there (sic) black cat killed," were found inscribed on family storage units. Definitely something eerie. 

The White Supremacist Did It

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Could a man who once rented a room with the family come back with a vengeance? That's one theory. When staying with the family, the man had been muttering racial slurs and talking about white supremacy until Sherilyn ordered him off the property at gunpoint. Some said a pill bottle was found with his name in the truck, leading people to wonder if he or some of his friends had returned to take their revenge.  

Bobby's Father Made Good on His Threats

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Maybe it was just a family feud. Bobby's father, Bob, and Bobby did not have a great relationship, to say the least. They fought over money and property - with Bob Sr. threatening Bobby and the family on multiple occasions. In fact, there were security cameras at their home for just that reason, and the family had taken a protection order out on him. While he had an alibi for when the murders occurred, Bob Sr. was a generally shady dude with rumored Mexican mafia connections, so some have suspected he was involved in the deaths.