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Fan Theories About The Kids From 'Recess'

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As far as children's show fan theories go, the ones about Disney cartoons are perhaps the most fun. They're witty, whimsical, and even a little bit dark.

Recess was a schoolyard-centric, Disney animated saga hailed as a staple of '90s television. Kids at home knew the cast as a rowdy bunch of underdogs who always took advantage of what playground break time had to offer. But what happened to the kids from Recess? Honing in on their well of Disney knowledge, fans of this beloved series speculate about what happened to the cast of one of their favorite cartoons after they ditched grade school for bigger and better things.

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    The Show Takes Place In Pittsburgh, PA

    From Redditor /u/theClaynadians:

    I rewatched "Spinelli's Masterpiece" and the pale kids mentioned the coordinates of the playground to be 80°N and 40.4°W and that gives you Pittsburgh.

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    TJ Becomes King Of The Playground In 6th Grade

    From Redditor /u/Confused_Rets:

    In "The Big Prank" King Bob does talk about being the biggest prankster and also the "Prankster Prince." It might be implied that the best kings are the ones that were previous pranksters. Also, in "Madness of King Bob" TJ does take a fall to restore order to the playground. TJ would likely be the best to fill the role as king of the playground when it's his time.

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    Each Kid Has A Bright Future Career Ahead Of Them

    From Redditor /u/WarchiefServant:

    It's quite evident all the kids are incredibly, once in a lifetime, talented in their own way. So I've always been fascinated how the gang would hold up in the future, who's most popular/successful etc.

    1st. Gretchen, all-round genius. A good example is being able to solve the nuclear fusion reactor crisis (supply of renewable infinite energy, where you get more energy than you put- currently leading scientists have been able to crack it only up to 60% efficiency return last I heard). Solving the renewable and clean energy crisis is equivalent to ending world hunger or curing cancer. Gretchen is definitely going to be an Einstein level important.

    2. Vince, guy's a superhuman star athlete as a 9-year old kicking the kickball up into orbit. Imagine him as an adult, guy's going to set records.

    3. Mikey, that voice of Robert Gould as a child is special. He'd be a bigger star than MJ was.

    4. TJ, his sheer leadership skills, standing up for what's right and ability to give a speech to persuade both kids his age and even grown adults- the kid's got a silver tongue. Even outside that TJ's got incredible business acumen, remember that episode with the stickers? TJ's going to either end up as a president or a business mogul.

    5. Gus, I mean... guy's gonna end up like his father if not better. A good, dedicated, goodhearted soldier. In spite of being the newest in the group and physically weakest, the guy is able to take TJ's place as the leader when he's not around- rallying his friends when need be.

    6. Spinelli, I mean. I think the beauty in Spinelli is that she's a tough guy but a softie on the inside. While being relatively strong for a kid, unlike the others she doesn't have any tangible talents (outside of fighting like wrestling or something) that can be translated well into the adult world. But, she has something that definitely makes her stand out- she's a great character with great relationships from Grotke to Finster.

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    TJ And Menlo Stopped Being Friends After Menlo Became Principal For A Day

    From Redditor /u/ConstableBobrovsky:

    I believe that the falling out happened immediately after Menlo was named "Principal for the Day." In the Season 2 episode of the same title, it is shown that Menlo used to run wild and pull pranks in a similar manner to TJ. However, after he was Principal for the Day he turned into the studious and office-clerk self that is shown throughout the series. I believe that it is this divergence that led to the irreconcilable differences between him and TJ, and why they stopped being best friends. TJ could not openly associate with a member of the authority, but he respected Menlo enough to still attend his birthday party.

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