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All The Theories Historians Have For Solving The Mystery Of Who King Arthur Really Was

Who was King Arthur? The legendary chivalric king who led the Knights of the Round Table on searches for the Holy Grail, while his Queen, Guinevere, fell in love with his chief knight, Lancelot, has appeared in stories for over a thousand years. According to legend, King Arthur never died - he has been sleeping on the magical Isle of Avalon for 1500 years, waiting to awake and reclaim his title.

But was King Arthur real? And if he was, then when did King Arthur die? 

Historians have uncovered a number of theories about the real King Arthur, who likely lived around the year 500 CE, when Britain was fighting off invading Saxons. Although no one wrote down any facts about King Arthur until centuries after his death, the discovery of a mysterious stone which mentions “Artognou” is proof that there is history behind the myth. As for the question of who inspired King Arthur, historians are still split, but then that's the thing with legends; it's hard to separate fact from fiction.