Zigmund Adamski’s Body Ended Up On A Pile Of Coal Covered In Bizarre Burn Marks

Zigmund Adamski was a middle-aged Polish miner who built a life for himself in England. On June 6, 1980, he left the home he shared with his wife, Lottie, to go out. Five days later, a local uncovered his body, which was found on top of a pile of coal covered in mysterious marks. He was in the town of Todmorden, miles away from where he said he was going. 

He was well dressed in a suit, but his shirt was missing, as were his wallet and watch. It almost looked like someone else had dressed Adamski, and in a hurry at that. He had been missing for five days, yet he appeared clean shaven, with just about one day's worth of beard growth. There were also unexplained burn marks covered in gel all over his body. 

Theories about Zigmund Adamski run the gamut. Was Zigmund Adamski taken by aliens? Oddly, this is a theory with a strong following. Is the KGB responsible for the Zigmund Adamski mystery? Many believe this, too. On the certificate, the medical examiner listed "heart attack" as Adamski's cause of death, but what happened to Zigmund Adamski doesn't feel like a closed case to many. 

  • Investigators Have No Idea How His Body Got On Top Of The Coal

    Investigators Have No Idea How His Body Got On Top Of The Coal
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    There are a lot of confusing elements to the Zigmund Adamski mystery. Friends and family noted how out of character it was for him to completely disappear. He kept mostly to himself and his family and had no known enemies. However, the most baffling aspect of Adamski's case is where and how his body was found. 

    Adamski's body was located on June 11, 1980, in Todmorden, England. Trevor Parker, the son of the owner of the yard, found Adamski and called authorities. Adamski's clothes were clean and the pile of coal seemed to be intact. If the man wasn't covered in coal dust from climbing to the top of a 10-foot high pile of coal, how did he get up there?

  • The Burn Marks And Shaven Face Were Even More Puzzling

    Investigators noticed a few other strange things aside from the body's peculiar position. Adamski had suspicious burn marks on his neck and shoulders, and they had been slathered in a gel-like substance that couldn't be identified.

    Stranger still, Adamski had been missing for five days but appeared to have shaved his face about a day before passing. 

  • His Passing Was Estimated To Occur On June 11 - But He Had Five Unaccounted Days

    When investigators found Adamski, the official COD was listed as a heart attack. An autopsy suggested he passed between 11:15 am and 1:15 pm on June 11, 1980; he went missing during the afternoon of June 6, 1980. Maybe he was in shock and wandered around for a few days in a dissociative fugue state

    Still, there are no concrete answers as to what happened to Adamski during those five days. 

  • Some Believe He Was Seized By Aliens

    Todmorden is reportedly a hotbed for extraterrestrial activity. This - along with the unexplained burn marks on his body and the bizarre manner in which he was found - has led many to believe this was the work of otherworldly beings. 

    Alan Godfrey is one of the police officers who originally investigated Adamski's case and subsequently had his own alien encounter. Godfrey became rather vocal about his belief in alien lifeforms, abductions, and his skepticism about Adamski's actual COD. He believes aliens and a UFO were involved.

  • Others Believe He Was Struck By Ball Lightning

    Others Believe He Was Struck By Ball Lightning
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    One theory is that Adamski was struck by ball lightning, causing the burns and stopping his heart. It's a phenomenon widely debated in the science world. Ball lightning differs from regular lightning in that it's spherical and seems to move parallel to the ground. It can take vertical jumps and come from the sky or materialize on the ground. 

    Being struck by ball lightning certainly explains Adamski's burns and his stopped heart, but who cared for him by removing his shirt and treating the burns?

  • A Few Point To The KGB As The Culprit

    Some sources make mention of KGB involvement but can't (or don't) elaborate. KGB stands for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, or Committee for State Security, and it served as the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its collapse in 1991.

    Known for their spies and covert missions, the KGB was one of the most highly secretive and secluded security agencies. They were allegedly behind the passings of several people who have done something the USSR considered detrimental, eliminating traitors or enemies of the state.

    However, there's no evidence supporting Adamski had done anything to garner negative attention from Russia, or any government agency for that matter. Also, Adamski had been living in England for over 40 years - why would the KGB or any other communist agency suddenly decide to hunt him down?