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12 Beyond Fascinating Facts About The Theory Of Relativity

Updated 14 Jun 2019 45.2k views12 items

People love to drop Albert Einstein's theory of relativity into conversation, whether they're discussing the latest Hollywood blockbuster or just trying to look smart. But what is the theory of relativity? You may know that it involves gravity pulling objects and some possible time dilation, but probably don't know that it is a whole new way of describing reality itself. You may take for granted that you have to meet a friend for breakfast at your favorite place at ten in the morning, but without the forces outlined in the general theory of relativity you would meet at a completely different place at a different time.

First published in 1915, Einstein's theory of relativity managed to solve problems physicists and astronomers had been grappling with for centuries. It's revealed secrets about black holes, planetary orbits, and space travel. And as you learn more facts about the theory of relativity and spacetime, you'll discover just how mind-blowing it is.

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