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22 People Whose Valiant Efforts Didn't End As They Planned

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No matter how hard you try, sometimes your best attempts just aren't good enough. They aren't failures, per se, but let's just say they aren't successes either.

This list is a collection of the most valiant efforts that didn't end as planned, from making pancakes and dressing up for Halloween to treasure hunting and eating mozzarella sticks.

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  • 1. Attempting To Find Treasure

    10,287 votes
  • 2. Attempting To Fight Crime

    Attempting To Fight Crime
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    9,657 votes
  • 3. Attempting To Uber Home

    Attempting To Uber Home
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    9,802 votes
  • 4. Attempt At Facial Recognition

    Attempt At Facial Recognition
    Photo: @bjmay / Reddit
    10,350 votes
  • 5. Attempting To Be A Good Person

    Attempting To Be A Good Person
    Photo: u/SensitiveEye7 / Reddit
    4,918 votes
  • 6. Attempting To Start A Chain

    Attempting To Start A Chain
    Photo: u/Nisoe / Reddit
    9,409 votes