Graveyard Shift These Horror Movies Are So Scary People Can't Finish Them  

Jordan Bates

Have you ever seen a movie so horrifying you couldn’t make it to the end credits? A film you thought you had the stomach for, only to discover that it went too far, chilling you so completely that you had to abandon it or risk never sleeping soundly again?

Even if you haven’t, a whole lot viewers sure have, calling it quits when, say, a teenage girl takes her cannibal curiosity to the next level or a Human Centipede-obsessed man makes his revolting fever dream an onscreen reality. It doesn't mean these moviegoers are cowards, though.

Nope, it's a testament to the skill of filmmakers who dedicate their professional lives to scaring you senseless. Sometimes, these horror masters push audiences past their breaking points with all-out assaults on good taste. Other times, they manipulate viewers with dread that builds so slowly you hardly realize how afraid you are until it's too late.

That's definitely the case with the movie more than 40,000 voters have found too terrifying to finish. In a cinematic landscape full of gore and transgressions, the toughest horror film to finish is surprisingly light on blood, jump scares, and violence. What's this mystery movie? Watch the video below to find out for yourself, but don't say we didn't warn you.