These People Turned Themselves Into Real Life Barbie Dolls

Barbie has had some pretty great achievements. She became an astronaut in 1965, a paleontologist in 1997, a computer engineer in 2010, and a game developer in 2016. She's had kids, she's found a doting husband (what's up Ken?), and she's got crazy-good style. The multi-talented, ever-hustling collectable doll is an inspiration to so many young girls for so many great reasons. None of those great reasons are the way that she looks, but that doesn't stop women from going to extreme lengths to look just like real life Barbie dolls.

In Odessa, Ukraine, leagues of women are turning themselves into Barbie. It's unclear why the city is a hotbed for Barbie plastic surgery, but the weirdness of it isn't lost on the Internet. At one point, real-life Barbie and Odessa-resident Valeria Lukyanova claimed to be the most Googled person in all of Russia.

Men and women who try to look like Barbie dolls aren't just limited to the Ukraine - they exist across the United States and South America, and just like the famed doll, they're pretty darn popular. Instagram is their glass display case of choice, and it turns out, if you live up to impossible beauty standards, you might just wind up with thousands of Instagram followers and millions of YouTube subscribers.  

These people have transformed themselves into human dolls and their path to Barbie's dream house is shocking - from hours-long doll makeup routines to cutting out ribs for a slimmer waistline.