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15 People Reveal Wedding Moments That Made Them Think 'They Won't Last'

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Imagine running into your childhood friends during your wedding and overhearing a very awkward conversation in which they are betting on how long your marriage will last. It sounds frustrating but they might have a good reason to say "they won't last"... or at least, the people on this list definitely do. Which moment do you find the most revealing? 

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    The Wedding Planner Nobody Asked For

    From Redditor u/WanderingRaindog:


    My wife’s brother just got married this past May. Bride’s mother is a big DIY person and went a little nuts with extra flowers, table pieces, decorations, etc… Note I said extra, it was already decorated by the venue, she just took it upon herself to buy and add way more stuff.

    Anyway, a few weeks ago she sends my MIL (groom's mom) an email with receipts of all the extra stuff she bought ($7,000 worth!!! ) and asked that she pay half since it was technically set up in time for the rehearsal dinner for guests to enjoy. It’s causing a huge rift between the newlyweds since the bride is taking her mom's side.

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    And Cut...

    From Redditor u/JoshDCannis:

    Sorry for the length, but it's worth the read, trust me.

    My mother had a friend who lived on the next street over, and her kids were about the same ages as my siblings and me. Our mothers met in the hospital while giving birth, and bonded over the experience, so of course, the two pools of kids played together when we were little...

    Fast forward to my early 20s. My mom and I are running a photography business, and weddings are a big part of our business. My mom calls me up out of the blue and asks me if I will be at the wedding party that summer for T, who is one of the kids from her friend's family, the one that's my age. I haven't seen this guy in 10 years, so of course, I say no, because I have no business being at his wedding party. She begs me, out and out begs me, because he literally has no friends. I give in and do it. She makes the wedding photos our gift to them, and it's decided.

    It's hillbilly wedding time. His teeth are rotten, even though he's in his early 20s, his bride is a controlling behemoth, and they don't have two red pennies to rub together. I put up with all the fittings and planning, and actually help them quite a bit with their limited finances because of all the connections we have in the industry.

    This brings us to the wedding day.

    Everything went fine in the church, but when we got to the dinner, the bride decided out of the blue that she wanted a white limo to pick them up from the dinner and take them to stay at the Hilton downtown. Of course, any limos have been pre-booked for a year, and the Hilton is booked solid with a convention, but the best man (the older brother of the groom) is trying to make it happen... with his credit card, because he's broke, too. She figures out eventually it's not going to happen, loses it, and rips her veil and headpiece off with a bunch of her hair. She goes into the back where all the catering is and starts screaming. Her groom goes in after her, and we can hear them fighting.

    All of a sudden there's this god-awful shriek, and the groom comes out of the backroom, slamming the double doors open with his shoulder. The cake knife is all the way through his hand, and there's blood leaking everywhere. His bride comes out hot on his heels and tackles him, ripping the knife out (oh, that f*cking sound!). She's about to [jab] him again and the best man and I hit her high and low. You'd think two grown men could corral this demon from the pits of hell, but nope. The groom gets up and bolts out to the parking lot, and she eventually wriggles out from under us and goes after him. He's driving by in the car, trying to get the f*ck out of there, when she leaps onto the hood and hangs onto the wipers, like she's in some movie. He bottoms out the car leaving the lot, and swings hard left, and she flings off the car and ends up smoking the curb with her back, so she ends up lying there, bawling.

    Turns out she decided her wedding day was the day she was going to quit taking her psych meds, because she didn't want to be "foggy" for the ceremony. Mom and I packed up our gear and left, because it was clearly done.

    It was annulled the next day.

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    Liar Liar

    From Redditor u/Total-Willow5165:

    The most beautiful wedding I've been to ended in divorce. The venue was where the groom's [father's grave is located] and he cried as he made his vows to the bride there.

    Turned out he'd been cheating on her for months and they divorced a while later. Something so repugnant about marrying someone you're cheating on practically over your father's grave. To date, it's the only wedding I've been to that ended in divorce.

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    Hold Your Thought, Dear

    From Redditor u/TomppaTom:

    I was at a wedding when a phone went off during the ceremony.

    In the middle of exchanging vows.

    It was the groom's.

    He took the call.

    They are divorced now.

    I believe it was a cousin calling, to ask if they were late for the wedding.

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