unspeakable crimes Thieves Use High-tech Device to Steal Mercedes  

Rebecca High

A surveillance video has surfaced showing two thieves using high-tech methods to steal a Mercedes in Birmingham, England.

In less time than it takes to order a pizza online, this two hazmat-suited thieves managed to jack the luxury car without breaking into it using a new technology called "relay boxes."

The local police department reported that they think it's the first recorded theft to use relay boxes, which are small devices that can be programmed to receive a signal from the car key anywhere inside the property, even through walls and windows, then convey that signal to a second box on the outside which is then used to unlock the door.

Using this method, the thieves jacked the car and were on their way in less than two minutes. Although CCTV captured this shocking video/proof of theft, the car has not been reported as recovered.