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14 Things The 2010's Horror Movies Suddenly Turned Into Nightmare Fuel

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Over the years, scary films have made audiences fear fairly mundane activities, such as swimming in the ocean (Jaws), falling sleep (A Nightmare on Elm Street), and taking a shower (Psycho).

A degree of skill is required to make audiences afraid of something they would otherwise view as benign. There must obviously be a good story first and foremost. Without that, nothing is scary. Then there has to be a strong set-up. In order to make a normal object or activity frightening, the audience needs to understand why it should be feared. Relevant information must be established in advance so that we understand the threat it possesses. And finally, there needs to be a payoff. If viewers aren't hit with the full force of the scare, they won't get freaked out by the object or occurrance.

What other everyday things have horror movies ruined? To answer that question, we turn to some of the most notable fright flicks of the 2010s. Not surprisingly, the best of them were able to turn normal activities into nightmare fuel.

The examples below illustrate how to get the formula exactly right. They skillfully take ordinary stuff and turn it into something designed to give you nightmares. Good luck sleeping!

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