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If These 20 Things Are In Your Closet, You're A Basic Bro

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When someone says "basic bro," what do you picture? You might visualize a guy dressed in a polo, accessorizing with jewelry made from wooden beads or shells. Maybe he'll throw on a pair of neon sunglasses for good measure - all the better to cut the glare while watching his favorite TV show. Even if you or your boyfriend don't identify as basic bros, you probably have a good idea of the type of clothing basic bros love. Favorite outfits worn by basic bros aren't always creative, but they're always recognizable.

Obviously this is a #notallmen situation. Not all men are created equal, and not all bros are created basic. But those who are, will probably get a laugh out of ranking these items all basic bros seem to wear. After all, it's only fair after the basic bros of the world have spent years being mocked for their Taylor Swift fandom and perfectly filtered Instagram posts. Now it's the basic bros' turn for some lighthearted ribbing.