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21 Things Your Barista Secretly Wants You to Know

27 Apr 2017 1.1k votes 162 voters 3.8k views21 items

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If you've ever wondered what your barista really thinks, you're already a step ahead of most people. As anyone who's ever worked at a major coffee chain will tell you, many customers don't take the time to consider their baristas at all. Working with coffee can be a blast, and customer service can be a rewarding experience - but, as in any job, the longer someone spends at it, the more they have to bite their tongue at some of the ridiculous customer behavior they encounter. The secret things your barista wants you to know are quite different from what they actually say, because sometimes their thoughts could get them fired.

What coffee shop employees think of customers is not always negative; in fact, it's more frequently neutral or positive. But when they encounter an ignorant or rude customer, the interaction can leave a worse taste than a stale shot of espresso. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure every interaction you have with a barista is positive: be kind, don't be a cheapskate, and recognize that a their job is at least three times more grueling than you think it is, particularly when they're staring down caffeine-starved zombies all day.

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