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16 Things Most People Have Never Noticed About Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If you're a true Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, chances are you know the meaning of "it gave me the wig," and you've likely even incorporated it into your own vocabulary at some point. You can also sing along to all of the songs in "Once More with Feeling," and know that Anya (a once badass demon) has a strange fear of bunnies. But being a true Buffy fan is more than belting out, "I will walk through the fire," or knowing how to decode Slayer slang.

You've likely noticed things from re-watching the show over the years that the average viewer missed, stumbling upon rewarding Easter eggs, a connection you just now made, or even the occasional baffling element, or Angel crossover. But despite a few plot holes or completely nonsensical elements that don't add up, you will always love the show to pieces. And true Buffy fans know that even though the show never won an Emmy for Best Series (which was an outrageous snub), it will always take gold in our hearts.

  • None of the Scoobies had siblings.

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    Or even the extended gang (with the exception of Tara), for that matter. Before Dawn's arrival as the key in Season 5, not a single member of the gang had any siblings, including Oz and Cordelia. Seems like a geeky little sister of Willow's or a little brother that tormented Cordelia could have been written in, just for believability's sake.

  • The Bronze served booze, yet high schoolers were all over the place.

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    The Bronze, the main hang out of the Scooby gang besides the library, was crawling with high schoolers, yet mysteriously served alchoholic drinks and was the scene of multiple vampire attacks. You'd think it would be shut down due to either of those things, but it mysteriously remained open through it all, without even a citation (or security guard) in sight.

  • Oz had the best effortless Halloween costume of all time.

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    "Hello, I'm God." I mean, he *is* the great and powerful Oz.

  • The Scoobies never seem to come prepared with stakes.

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    You'd think if you lived right on top of a hellmouth and fought vampires nearly every other day, you'd carry a trench coat filled with stakes. Do you really think if you encountered vamps that often that you'd walk around unarmed? Yet it seems like the Scoobies are constantly trying to scrounge up a piece of wood or resorting to breaking furniture to have their own, last minute Mr. Pointy.