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30 Things Cats Prefer Over Your Fancy Gifts

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As anyone who has ever known a cat can attest, most kitties prefer to play with what you think is garbage or really anything other than the fancy cat toys you bought them. Cats consider themselves nothing if not clever and stealthy. Perhaps this is why felines have been able to keep a great many secrets carefully guarded throughout the history of kitty kind, such as the presumed fact that their blatant disinterest in and careful shunning of the many expensive gifts their people bestow upon them is merely due to the fact that they are natural divas. However, careful research has now revealed otherwise. In a detailed study of things cats prefer over your fancy gifts and expensive cat toys, we’ve uncovered a revolutionary truth: the average cat is actually ridiculously easily amused.

Though it may be hard to conceive that your puffy princess could possibly take interest in anything normally found in a trash bin, these adorable photos will reveal the staggering truth about the vast assortment of things cats like. Here you’ll find cats perched upon the boxes that their fancy new play things came in and having the time of their lives with things normally tossed in a trash bin without a second thought.

While many a kitty would be horrified if they knew we’d revealed the terrible truth about their low-maintenance ways, you’ll none the less find plenty of new ways to keep them entertained. So if you thought cats were expensive and demanding, think again. We’ll show you a ton of different household items that cats like to play with and have your furry friend adoring you for providing them in no time.
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