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Stupid Things Couples Fight About

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Being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing, but if you've ever been in one, you know that couples fight over stupid things. You don't even have to be knee-deep in serious relationship problems to pick a fight with your significant other about something silly. To show you that you're not crazy and that your relationship isn't floundering, we're bringing you this list of things couples are arguing about (it'll probably make you feel better to know how many couples are fighting over this trivial stuff).

Has your boyfriend or girlfriend ever told you they'd do something, and then three weeks later, you realize they never actually did it? Or how about the opposite, when your significant other conveniently forgets to tell you you're going out to dinner with their entire family after work? As partners who know each others' ins and outs, you can probably find reasons to fight over just about anything.

Can't decide what to watch on Netflix? You should probably bicker about it. Is your S.O. driving too slow when you're in a hurry to get somewhere? Arguing would probably help. How about that time you took them to your work's holiday party and they ended up drinking too much gin and singing Dido with your boss? Definitely worth a lifetime of snide remarks and passive aggressive references. 

Been dying to know what most couples fight about? Scan through this list of little things couples fight over and vote up the ones you've battled over. Have any amazing couple fights to share? Enlighten the world by adding the silly cause of your bickering to this list!

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