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Things You Didn't Realize Are Covered in Poop

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Sh*t happens. But you probably didn't know it was happening all around you, all the time. After reading this list of crappy truths about fecal debris, you'll realize that just about everything is covered in feces. Your phone is. Your hands are. Your face is now, too. From your favorite handbag to your boyfriend's beard... even your trusty cleaning tools are tainted with poo! 

As innocent youngsters, we were taught to wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds under warm water. But after you read through this list of disturbing bathroom facts, you'll wonder who on earth skipped the hand-washing routine and got the particles all over the lemon wedges at Chili's. You may find yourself questioning the intelligence of man... how can we land on the moon and build robots yet we think it's cool to change a child's diaper on a tray that someone eats off of? 

The bottom line is that people are gross and poo is even grosser. Some of these poo-ridden objects are extra unsettling while others are more understandable (but no less upsetting). By the time you finish the list, you may have rearranged your whole home, thrown your shoes out the window, and quarantined your toothbrush. So invest in some Lysol, wash your hands on the regular, and vote up the items you can't believe are covered in sh*t!

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    Basically Everything In An Airplane

    You may as well suit up inside a giant bubble before hopping on your next flight. That tray table you're eating off of? Some mom probably changed her baby's diaper on there. That blanket you're snuggling up with? Covered in other peoples' poo! Airplanes are cesspools for germs and they're rarely cleaned between flights. 
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    Swimming Pools

    Y'all already know that public swimming pools are nasty. But did you know that in a study done by CDC, 58% of public pool filters tested positive for E. coli, the notorious bacteria that incubates in the gut and enters the world via poop? Pretty crappy, right?
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    Shopping Carts

    Whether you're in LA, Portland, or Atlanda, that shopping cart you're pushing is almost certainly tainted with a coat of E. Coli. Moral of the story: use the sanitizing wet naps whenever you're grocery shopping!
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    Lemon Wedges At Restaurants

    In an informative article titled "Stop! Is That Poop on Your Lemon?" Today Health reports that Passiac Community College science professor Anne LaGrange Loving researched lemon wedge cleanliness and found that six - six - large chain restaurants were serving fecal-contaminated lemon slices in their water. 

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