Things Every City Person Should Know (According To People Who Live In the Country)

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People who live in the country: vote up what you think every city-slicker should know.

Sometimes it's hard to see past our personal bubble and remember that there are people out there with drastically different lives. To remind you of the differences between city and country people, these Redditors are sharing what every city kid should know.

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    If You Complain About The Smell Of Poop, Country People Will Laugh At You

    From Redditor u/Jedimasteryony:

    If you move to the country to get away from the city, you will smell poop. Cow poop. Horse poop. Pig poop. You will smell it. Not every day, but if they are fertilizing a field it will be noticeable. Don’t complain to the town/county/state because they’ll laugh at you.

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    Stay Out Of The Woods At Night

    From Redditor u/retroverted_uterus:

    Mountain lions are f*cking deadly; stay out of the woods at night.

    Growing up our neighbor had a Newfoundland - big dog because where we lived you had to have outdoor dogs to discourage dangerous animals from your land. Mountain lion jumped the 6-foot fence to the dog run, finished off the dog, and carried it back over the fence. Those things don’t mess around. I had another friend who was tracked by one when she was in grade school. She was riding her horse and happened to see a shadow move outside the arena. Her family owned a small pack of cattle dogs, none of which had even noticed the mountain lion just feet away from them.

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    Bugs Can Be Really Noisy At Night

    From Redditor u/Crabser116:

    How much noise there is from bugs after dark.

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    Don't Pick Fruit Without Permission

    From Redditor u/Idontcareboutyou:

    Don't walk into a farm and pick fruit, unless you've been given permission first. That's the farmer's income you are pilfering.

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    You Ignore Shots But Worry About Sirens

    From Redditor u/EdgeMiserable4381:

    In the city, you ignore sirens and worry about the sound of shots. In the country, you ignore shots and worry about sirens.

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    Your Food Comes From Farm Communities

    From Redditor u/rylokie:

    Grew up in a very small town in Oklahoma. On the Fourth of July, was at my in-laws' house in rural Kansas. My wife’s cousin came up from Orlando, FL, with his wife and their 10-year-old son. We all went for a walk in the early afternoon up to the barn. The driveway was lined on both sides by cornfields. The 10-year-old boy asks,” What’s that?” pointing to the corn. His mom sort of looked stumped and I said, "That’s corn.” The kid looked at me like I was an idiot and said,” That’s not corn! Corn is yellow!” Then it hit me that he had no idea where corn came from and neither did his mom.

    I said, “Look, it's corn!” as I went and grabbed an ear and pulled the husk open to reveal the yellow ear of corn inside. That kid looked at me like it was magic. He was blown away. I had no idea that... a huge number of people... think food just comes from the store and don’t know much beyond that.

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