48 Things Every Man Should Know

Dudes. Guys. Men. When it comes to the male gender, there are certain things all guys simply must know. Whether it's for your own personal safety, in case of emergencies, to not look like an idiot in public, for the benefit of the people in your life, or just for your own betterment, taking a moment to learn the secrets on this list of things all men should know is essential.

What should every guy know how to do? What are the things every man should know? From building fires to tying your tie, if you're a man, the things on this list are essentials for being the best, most manly man you can be. But it's not all beer and sports. Men should also know how to hold a baby and sew on a button. Do you know which fork to use at a fancy dinner? Stop embarrassing your dates and take the time to learn.

There are things everyone should know, but this list is full of advice for men, with tips, tricks, and basic information all male humans should know. So get in touch with your inner Ron Swanson and read through the list below to make sure you know how to escape zip ties and shine your shoes. You just never know when this advice will come in handy.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I'm a guy. Aren't there specific things I should know?" The answer is yes! This list of things men should know is your starting place. Man up and read.

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    How To Give A Manly Handshake

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    How To Change A Tire

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    How To Jump A Car

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    How To Do Your Laundry