Things Extroverts Have The Hardest Time With

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Hi extroverts! This list is for you. (You non-extroverts don't have to read this, you can go back to watching Netflix and canceling your social plans.) Does it seem like everyone on the Internet is suddenly obsessed with introverts? We're being told how to speak to them, make them feel special, and even joke around with them. While, yes, it's always good to consider the needs of other people, sites like Tumblr make it seem like extroverts are an obtuse and unfeeling majority who don't have any problems whatsoever. So, let's clear this up - there are bad things about being an extrovert, too. There are a ton of things extroverts struggle with, just like their introvert counterparts. 

What's the worst part of being an extrovert? Is it the awful stereotype that we're somehow less intelligent or thoughtful just because we like to talk to people and socialize? Or is it the FOMO (fear of missing out) that literally plagues you every day? Or maybe it's the fact that you're always the one to text your friends, check in, and make plans. Vote up the things that really bother you and add any other extrovert problems you think should be on this list. 

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    If Friends Aren't Available To Talk, It Really Sucks

    As an extrovert, you actually have to talk out your problems with multiple friends. If no one is available, this can be torture.

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    You Wonder If You Just Shared Too Much Info

    Extroverts don't believe in small talk, so things may get a little awkward if you, say, drop in some details about your sex life while chatting with a co-worker in the elevator. 

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    Sometimes You Say Things Before You Think Them Through

    And you offend someone. Or you cause drama. Or you sound dumb...

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    You Feel Needy

    This is one of those stereotypes that's hard to shake, especially when you find yourself constantly reaching out to your friends. You just need the interaction!

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    Ain't No FOMO Like An Extrovert's FOMO

    You always invite friends to do things, so when you aren't invited (by accident or not) and you miss out on something it really, really hurts.

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    You Can Come Off As "Too Intense"

    You like connecting with others, going out frequently, and talking a lot. Why is that a problem?