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Elise Hennigan
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Hi extroverts! This list is for you. (You non-extroverts don't have to read this, you can go back to watching Netflix and canceling your social plans.) Does it seem like everyone on the Internet is suddenly obsessed with introverts? We're being told how to speak to them, make them feel special, and even joke around with them. While, yes, it's always good to consider the needs of other people, sites like Tumblr make it seem like extroverts are an obtuse and unfeeling majority who don't have any problems whatsoever. So, let's clear this up - there are bad things about being an extrovert, too. There are a ton of things extroverts struggle with, just like their introvert counterparts. 

What's the worst part of being an extrovert? Is it the awful stereotype that we're somehow less intelligent or thoughtful just because we like to talk to people and socialize? Or is it the FOMO (fear of missing out) that literally plagues you every day? Or maybe it's the fact that you're always the one to text your friends, check in, and make plans. Vote up the things that really bother you and add any other extrovert problems you think should be on this list. 

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18 1
Dating Can Actually Be Really Hard

Because "playing hard to get" and acting "mysterious" are not really things you do.

24 2
Ain't No FOMO Like An Extrovert's FOMO

You always invite friends to do things, so when you aren't invited (by accident or not) and you miss out on something it really, really hurts.

21 2
Sometimes You Say Things Before You Think Them Through

And you offend someone. Or you cause drama. Or you sound dumb...

29 4
Sometimes You Actually Don't Feel Like Being *On*

Any time that you don't feel like being the life of the party, all of your friends worry and ask what's wrong. Extroverts need rest too. 

26 4
You Wonder If You Just Shared Too Much Info

Extroverts don't believe in small talk, so things may get a little awkward if you, say, drop in some details about your sex life while chatting with a co-worker in the elevator. 

28 6
You Feel Needy

This is one of those stereotypes that's hard to shake, especially when you find yourself constantly reaching out to your friends. You just need the interaction!

26 5
People Think You're Shallow

You like socializing and big parties, but that doesn't mean you don't have intellectual interests as well. 

19 3
You Can Come Off As "Too Intense"

You like connecting with others, going out frequently, and talking a lot. Why is that a problem?

20 4
You've Been Accused Of Flirting With People (When You Really, Truly Weren't)

You like connecting with people and even smiling, making eye contact, and asking them personal questions. This does not equal flirting... 

21 6
Things Like *Meditation* And *Yoga* Are Going To Be A No For You

You know these things are good for you, but does anyone else find them terribly boring?

18 5
If Friends Aren't Available To Talk, It Really Sucks

As an extrovert, you actually have to talk out your problems with multiple friends. If no one is available, this can be torture.

18 6
Your Friends Never Plan Anything

You're probably the one initiating all of your squad's social plans. This is fun, at times, but gets old when the responsibility always falls on you. 

14 4
When You Make A New Friend, You Worry About Overwhelming Them

You're generally good at making friends, but are you texting too much? Calling too much? Trying to make plans too often? 

15 5
Your Introverted Friends Are Sometimes Embarrassed By You

Yes, you can be loud, but also it sucks to be shushed in public.

15 5
Your Never Know If You're Annoying Your Introverted Friends

You get that they want alone time, but how much and when is it safe to call them?

17 8
No One's Available When You Want To Go Out

You don't always have to go to a raging party, but you do like going out. It can be hard to convince your friends to come with sometimes. 

13 5
You ALSO Hate Awkward Situations

Everyone knows that introverts hate awkward social situations, but extroverts hate awkward moments as well. 

12 5
People Assume You Can't Be Shy

Being an extrovert is about how you process emotions and gain energy. It has nothing to do with being shy versus outgoing. 

13 6
You Hate Getting Home From A Long Day To Find No One To Connect With

Whether your live in partner wants alone time or your roommate is busy reading, this can be rough. 

13 6
People Sometimes Don't Make Eye Contact

You really value eye contact. If someone is looking at their feet, phone, or elsewhere while you're talking it's really annoying. 

13 7
You Always Initiate Contact

Have you ever realized that you are *always* the one to reach out and call or text a friend and the favor is never returned? Yeah, that's annoying.

14 8
You Get That Sinking Feeling When You're Talking Too Much

You know the one... when your friends start looking down at their phones...

14 9
If You Have No Plans On A Weekend Night It Just Feels Weird

Your friends are all busy on Saturday night and you may actually spend all night pacing thinking about what you should do.

15 10
The World Seems To Romanticize Introverts

Why is it so cool to be an introvert now? 

9 7
Why Does Everyone Just Want To Sit At Home And Watch Netflix?

Seriously, why is this a thing? Spending that much quiet time alone makes you want to scream.