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30 Things That Defined The '90s But Would Be Out Of Place Today

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Ah, the '90s. It was the decade of playing outside until "the street lights came on," Saturday morning cartoons, and the "Eight-CDs-For-A-Penny" clubs. It was also the decade that gave us the internet, portable music, and all sorts of gadgets that cost a small fortune in 2020. But there are certain items that truly defined the '90s, so much so that seeing someone with them today would just seem out of place and downright strange. Here, we've gathered a list of items that could only exist in the '90s, ranked by how odd it would be to see someone with them today. 

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  • Walkmans


    2,531 votes
  • VHS Camcorders

    VHS Camcorders

    2,334 votes
  • VHS Tape Rewinders

    VHS Tape Rewinders

    2,333 votes
  • Colorful iMac G3

    Colorful iMac G3

    2,292 votes
  • Disposable Cameras

    Disposable Cameras

    2,358 votes
  • CD Cleaners

    CD Cleaners

    2,043 votes