Things Girls Talk About During "Girls Night"

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You love your friends, and you love going out. Whether it's dinner, a movie, or dancing at the club, on "girls night out," you can finally dish all kinds of dirt! What do you talk about? Clothes? Your boyfriend? The latest Beyonce debacle? Women cover topics from A-Z when they get together. The sky's the limit. Literally, did you see the sunset last night?! Those colors! Seriously, ladies love to talk and - if they're a little on the quiet, shy side - love to listen.

Maybe you need a shoulder to cry on, some tough love, or just a few laughs and a martini. That's what your friends are there for! Work advice? Boyfriend troubles? Girls are there for each other to listen, laugh, and tell you how much they love those new shoes you are rocking. How much were they?

"Girls Night Out" is the best night out! Females rely on their friends for so much. Who else will take you shopping, listen to your new ideas about work, help you decide what to wear on your date, and let you know when you have something in your teeth? Basically, friends are the best! Can I get a round of Cosmos over here?!?!
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    Whether they want one, don't want one, are in one, or want to end one, ladies are talking about it with their friends, for sure. 
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    Their Secret Crush

    OK, maybe it's not so secret, but girls love to talk about their crush(es). Might be the cute new guy at work or maybe it's just Ryan Gosling. Yeah, it's probably Ryan Gosling. 
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    Each Other

    Each Other
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    There are mean girls and not mean girls, but most girls are talking about other girls. 
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    Family Relationships

    Your mom, your sister, your brother, your in-laws... You have to examine every dynamic and figure it all out. 
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    Body Image Issues

    If you are a woman, you have them. So when a lot of girls gather in a group... Flabby arms, pooch bellies, saggy thighs... everyone has an opinion. 
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    Their Pets

    If you love animals, you LOVE animals! And if you don't, you're probably allergic - in which case, that sucks for you, cause look at this kitten! She's SO cute!!!
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