Things Hipsters Ruined For The Rest Of Us

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Hipsters get a bit of a bad rap. But with their old fashioned and nostalgic preferences, they have single-handedly brought back dying industries and encouraged things like locally sourced food and hand-made items. In fact, the controversial group has fueled an increase in small businesses from Brooklyn to Portland.

However, there are many things hipsters ruined for the rest of us. Some people loved classic books, craft beer, and vintage clothes before they were cool. But now liking those things is a sign of hipster pretentiousness. You'll want to steer clear of them completely.

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  • Records, Record Players, And Record Stores
    147 votes

    Records, Record Players, And Record Stores

  • Facial Hair
    174 votes

    Facial Hair

  • Dive Bars
    146 votes

    Dive Bars

  • Coffee
    153 votes


  • Thrift Store Clothes
    139 votes

    Thrift Store Clothes

  • Music Festivals
    139 votes

    Music Festivals