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America Things I Love About Los Angeles  

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You might think this would be a list about the weather here. Or maybe beaches or palm trees. Nope. I never go to the beach. Turns out there's a lot of sand there (that gets in stuff), and it's a Shakespearean Nightmare to park. Also, while the weather is nice and all, it doesn't quite make the list of things that are Awesome about LA. Yes, that's right haters, Los Angeles is pretty great. And those of you who think its all shallow people and traffic... you're right. But you're missing the better picture, which is that shallow people are hilarious. And the town they built around themselves is all the better for it. Hipsters, Posers, FameW***es, Wannabes... they are here in their Mecca. And they are fabulous to live adjacent to.
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My Neighborhood

I live in Silver Lake. There is no better part of LA. And frankly, all you westsiders who "won't go east of La Brea"? Good. Stay over there. Silver Lake has ... wait for it... a lake. That's right mo-fos, we have our own lake. Plus two Cheese Stores. Two.
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Being Industry-Adjacent

If you already live here, odds are you either work in the Industry or are friends with people who do. Now, I have to say, the latter is absolutely the way to go. You don't have to deal with Agents or any of the people willing to smile at you only if you can do something for them. You get all the benefits and none of the bulls**t. You get invited by said friends to screenings, Premieres and other completely awesome things (like getting to stand on a fake overpass and watch the Freeway Chase in Matrix 2 filmed). You get to talk to folks about the shows they are working on, you get to hear gossip about insane Producers and every once in a blue moon, you get to ride on a Studio Jet to Vegas. All without having to kiss anyone's ass. So, yeah. Adjacent is the place for me.
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Close to the Desert

I love the desert. Having one of the cooler ones be only a few hours outside LA is awesome. And having the Mojave National Preserve, which is more awesome by far than Joshua Tree (read: no one there), is perfect. A Joshua tree forest larger than the one in Joshua, caverns, canyons and mountains to climb along with a set of massive Sand Dunes make the Preserve one of my favorite things about living here.
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Griffith Park Trails

If I wanted to, I could get in my car/bike and be hiking in 5 minutes. What's not to love about that? Or the fact that you can mix and match trails to get a totally different hike each and every time. My fave is Bronson to the top of Mt Hollywood. You can power up the hill, take in the 360 view of the metropolis and be back home before lunch. Or, just walk down to the Observatory and have a coffee and sandwich at the cafe.