Hilarious Examples Of Super Mario Logic That Makes No Sense

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Nintendo has been responsible for some of the most beloved video game characters, and undoubtedly the biggest among them is Super Mario. There have been countless titles with the mustached plumber featured as the main character, ranging from the mainline platformer games to spin-offs that see him in all kinds of unusual situations. The one constant throughout all of these adventures, though, is the weird things that happen in Super Mario all the time that no one ever really notices.

When you actually think about it, there are all sorts of weird "logic" that make no sense in Mario games. Whether it is the bending of real-world physics or the bizarre power-ups, Super Mario logic is a seemingly broken mess at times. In fact, it is arguably worse than weird logic in Pokémon, or mind-boggling quirks in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Even the biggest Nintendo fanboys can sit back and laugh at some of these questionable leaps in video game logic. 

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    Can Shoot Fire Underwater Underwater

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    From an early age, you learned that fire and water don't mix. However, the hero/plumber is able to shoot his fireballs even when swimming underwater. Also, the water levels in nearly every Mario game have obstacles made from fire, something that is hugely impressive as they appear to stay lit forever.

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    Mario Can Breathe In Space, But Not Underwater?

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    Almost everyone will be aware that it isn’t possible for humans to breathe underwater and in space. However, that didn't stop Mario from traveling across the vast emptiness of space as he jumped from planet to planet in Super Mario Galaxy.

    Yet, despite this ability to seemingly hold his breath for an indefinite amount of time, the former plumber could only spend a few seconds underwater before dying in the same game. Surely the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom would be able to do both equally well if his abilities were consistent.

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    Mario Can Swim... But Is Killed By Puddles

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    While it is clear that Mario has a somewhat strange relationship with water, none of that explains away the fact that he can also sometimes be killed merely by touching nothing more than a puddle. In the same Super Mario Bros. games in which he can spend an unlimited amount of time under, he will die if he falls into any pool of water in a land stage.

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    Mario Regularly Invites His Enemies To Parties And Sports Events

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    The one big thing that you can take away from any of the mainline Super Mario game is that Mario and Bowser are not friends. The giant dinosaur-turtle hybrid is the main antagonist of the series, constantly trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Princess Peach.

    Given their history, you would think that Bowser and his underlings wouldn't be high up on the list of invitees for parties, sporting events, and even go-kart races.

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