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Things in Your Purse Right Now

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List RulesLadies! Upvote the stuff you definitely have rattling around in your purse right now. Add any other women's bag essentials you can't seem to get rid of.

What's in your purse right now? Can I guess? Your wallet, keys, and phone, obviously. But probably a whole bunch of other crucial-but-also-nonsense things you totally forgot about!

Remember that movie you saw a million years ago? I bet you still have the ticket stub tucked away in a side pocket, mingling with all of your bobby pins and hair ties. How about snacks? A forgotten granola bar, perhaps? Or an empty Ziploc bag that maybe once contained celery? It's probably floating around in there, making friends with the loose change and random pen caps you keep just in case. Tampons? Napkins? Actual dollar bills? No way! Having those on hand would be way too convenient.

Purses are basically just big bags of crap that ladies tote around for fun. Once in a while they serve an actual purpose: holding important things you need as you go about your day. But usually, they are just heavy nuisances that your boyfriend thinks he can keep his stuff in too.

What are some of the things women keep in their purses? Here is a handy list! Is your purse full of these things too? Vote up the stuff you've got weighing you down, and feel free to add anything that's not already listed, but has been taking up residence in your bag for at least a year.

And let's all agree to throw away our old valet stubs today. 

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