25 Things Your Kids Actually Think They're Getting Away With

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Parents, vote up the sneaky things that your kids - high school age and younger - try to get away with.

Kids think they’re so smart. At some point in every child’s life, no matter where or how they were raised, they start trying to pull something over on you like you were born yesterday. The things kids try to get away with can be as inconsequential (and kind of cute) as reading after they’re supposed to be in bed, or as catastrophic as stealing your car to go do drugs with their burnout friends – you know the ones. At some point all kids get sneaky, but what do your kids think they’re getting away with when you’re already in the know? Are they hiding vegetables or skipping school? Now is the time to let the world know.

Kids should remember that you, parents, have been tooling around on earth for the last few decades, learned all of the tricks, and therefore, none of their sh*t gets past you. If you are a parent, then you’ve definitely caught your child, no matter how old they are, committing some of these ridiculous faux pas; moms and dads, it’s up to you to let everyone know which actions your kids try to get away with most.

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    Sneaking Candy

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    428 votes

    Playing With Toys While They're Supposed To Be Asleep

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    395 votes

    Going Through Your Stuff

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    360 votes

    Sneaking Candy From The Pantry

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    Throwing Food Away