Uber Analyzed All The Items Left Behind By Riders, And The Results Are Way Weirder Than You’d Think

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You might have felt like the worst Uber passenger in the history of Uber passengers when you left behind your wallet/iPhone/keys/last ounce of dignity in the car. Well, just wait until you read about the strangest items people have left in their Ubers, because you’re going to feel so much better. That’s right, Uber has compiled what they’ve deemed to be the strangest, oddest, weirdest things left behind by passengers during 2017, and the results are much more outrageous and horrifying than you could ever imagine.

In case you are one of these folks who leaves something in your rideshare every time, there is an easy way to get your things back: log into your Uber account (on a computer if you just so happened to leave your phone behind), select “Your Trips,” select “I lost an item,” and select “Contact driver about lost item.” With any luck, your driver will be able to meet you in a timely fashion with your item - unless your driver is an aspiring comedian who practiced their whole set on you and now they're off to an open mic, because we’ve all had that driver, right? 

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    A Jetpack

  • 2
    48 votes

    A Flat Screen TV

  • 3
    47 votes

    A Bulletproof Vest

  • 4
    52 votes

    A Butcher Knife

  • 5
    41 votes

    Several French Bulldog Statues

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    55 votes

    Their Brother