23 People Describe The Strangest Things Previous Owners Left In Their Homes

When you buy a new home, you often get more than what you expected. Previous owners, maybe for a laugh or a lack of foresight, often fail to remove all their belongs, leaving many behind as Easter Eggs for the new owners. For many new homeowners, however, the surprises can be downright terrifying.

Whether they are items left behind by the previous owner, or hidden rooms built over by many generations beforehand, these horrifying discoveries left the new owners questioning what happened in the houses they now own. The findings, as described by Reddit users, suggest you may want to be a bit more thorough the next time you check out a new place. 

  • Used Syringes And Dirty Needles

    From user Crissie2389:

    "The place I lived before owning the house I own now was a rental in a shady part of town. I moved in and part of the floor in the master bedroom felt like it was caving in. Well fast forward to around two months into living there. I stepped on the corner and the floor actually caves in. Below it is a massive cavity filled with used syringes, as well as some with something obviously still in them, dirty spoons, and nasty looking rags that had probably been tourniquets, along with bloody rags and a knife.

    I notified the rental place. They just called the cops to collect it. It was all removed that day and then later I was promised that the floor would be fixed. It wasn't, and two months later I moved out and broke the lease. Nothing ever seemed to come of the cops investigating the house. They had pulled up more of the floor to collect and clear everything down there out and took the pieces. The rental place put plastic over the hole as a solution and seemed not even surprised it had been there."

  • Mercury In A Jar

    From user Pozbo:

    "A bell jar half filled with mercury.

    The previous owner had amassed a huge collection of rocks which he tumbled to a high sheen in his basement. My best guess is that he used it in the tumbling process."

  • Interrogation Room With A Single Light Bulb And Chair

    From user Ingloriousfiction:

    "We had a home that was about 150 years old, run down but cheap in a decent school district.

    When we moved in we were about four-years-old. It was a multi-family home with a basement that was unfinished. And towards the back of the basement there was a cinder block wall with holes and dirt patches. It was cool because that dirt was essentially the yard.

    Well the boiler (heating system in basement) exploded in '95 and did some damage. After it was deemed safe to enter the house the cider block wall in the basement was barely up, The had added jacks and what-not to support the home.

    But it revealed a room in the back of the house, it was a 20 x 20 room with a single light bulb in the middle, a chair, and a chest (which we took as our toy box). It was painted white and the door to enter the room was one of those doors with a one-foot square glass in the middle to look into the room.

    My parents just told us that we shouldn't go into that room; I can't remember their reasoning. My mother being a very religious woman, put up candles and prayed with her church group in front of it. It was creepy

    Mind you this room was outside of the "foundation of the home" and was essentially buried because the back and both sides were covered in dirt. Imagine a room underground your yard like if you dug down it would lead tot the middle of the room.

    We made up stories on what the last owners used it for, I thought it was an interrogation room. My brother said someone was kept in there like the gimp in Pulp Fiction."

  • The Mummified Head Of A Soldier

    From user Grimnar85:

    "A neighbor of mine found a mummified head of a WW1 Turkish soldier with a bullet hole in its forehead. It wass found in the roof space of his dead relative's home. The bloke who brought it back from the war even built the skull a velvet lined storage box for it.

    The head was handed into the cop shop who contacted the Turkish embassy and repatriated it back to where it came from."