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12 Things That War Movies Actually Get Right

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War movies are infamous for taking creative liberties with their action sequences and characterizations. However, there are some war movies, in whole or in parts, that manage to actually get it right. These more realistic war movies rely on research and first-person accounts to shape their narratives, whether they center around being deployed, seeing combat, or grappling with PTSD as a veteran. This doesn't only apply to straightforward war dramas: Some sci-fi and fantasy films do a much better job than expected depicting the ins and outs of warfare.

War movies are also infamous for their many tropes: the tight-knight unit, the fight-or-flight moments, the elaborately adorned generals, and the big-muscled heroes. It turns out that some of these cliches are actually grounded in reality, and the surprising anecdotes from history below prove, yet again, the truth is just as compelling as the fiction it inspires.