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All The Things Movies Get Completely Wrong About Guns

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Who doesn't love a good action movie? From John Woo to the Wachowskis, Hollywood has delivered some of the best gun violence the world has ever seen. But gun inaccuracies in movies are actually super common. So, what are all the ways movies get guns wrong? There are numerous problems with gun battles across hundreds of movies, but most of us don't really think about them because we don't know how guns work in real life.

Well, get ready to be educated. Every trope and cliché that action movies use is based on common misunderstandings regarding proper gun usage. We're going to explore everything from what a bullet does to you upon impact to the proper way to hold a gun, so prepare to know just how wrong your favorite movie characters have been treating deadly weapons. 

  • There's No Such Things As Silencers

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    Anyone who's played a first person shooter (most notably Goldeneye), knows that if you want to use stealth, you need to put a silencer on the gun. These little attached barrels turn a loud gunshot into a pleasant pfft, and it won't attract too much attention.

    That effect is a complete and utter myth. Silencers don't really exist, but a similar device called "suppressers" do. Instead of a near-silenced shot, a suppressor kind of muffles the loud bang a bit, so it doesn't travel as far.

  • There's Always An Insane Lack Of Regard For Surroundings

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    Responsible gun owners are trained to always be aware of who and what is going on around them. After all, one misfired round can mean you've killed a random pedestrian, or a passing puppy.

    One of the first things you're taught is to pay attention to your surroundings. You'll notice most characters in movies, however, just fixate on their target. That's how you get people killed.

  • You Never Want To Point The Gun At Everything

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    Every watch a movie where a character is waving a gun around like it's a baton? Well, that is incredibly unrealistic — at least with practiced gun owners. There's a little something called "muzzle discipline," which basically means you should always have your gun pointed in a safe direction. It's something that a gun-owner must always be aware of, but it tends to happen very little in films.

  • They Usually Finger The Gun Wrong

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    True pros know that you never, ever keep your finger on your gun's trigger. Yet, every action hero tends to go running around with their twitchy fingers resting on the trigger of whatever gun they're holding.

    In reality, it's best to keep your trigger finger extended, running along the gun above the trigger. That way, it's easy to get into firing position but impossible to accidentally shoot off a round.