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13 Dumb Things We Believe About Injuries Thanks To Movies

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Hopefully, it's not a surprise to learn that most movies and TV shows aren't 100% factually accurate; they're stories designed to evoke an emotional response for maximum impact. Often, factual accuracy is a secondary concern, if it's a concern at all. 

This is especially true when it comes to the way movies and TV shows depict injuries. Whether it's happening in a high-octane action thriller or a madcap comedy, movie and TV injuries are often nothing more than a temporary obstacle that gets in the main character's way before they inevitably emerge victorious. 

Ideally, everyone in the audience would understand this. But often, people who watch movies and TV develop misconceptions about how injuries work. And in real life, that can be dangerous. Here are a handful of dumb things we just might believe about injuries thanks to movies and TV shows.