Things Only White People Love

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"Whiteness" is something that’s hard to define, but when you see it you know it. Some of the whitest things ever aren’t so much of a physical thing as they are a feeling: the things only white people love are those that speak to a person’s inherent whiteness and the way that when a white person goes into autopilot they give a new meaning to the word “basic.”

The stuff white people love is usually pretty mainstream and simple but also somehow needlessly complicated. It’s something that makes you cock your head the moment you see it and wonder why it's so prevalent and popular with white people. What white people love doesn’t need to exist, but for some reason it does. The things that white people love are those that make them feel special, cultured, and intelligent but without actually doing any of those things.

There’s nothing wrong with liking any of these things right along with the whitest people on Earth, but if this list describes you to a W you may want to expand your horizons.

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    Online Shopping

  • '90s Disney Movies
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    '90s Disney Movies