People Are Sharing Things They Accidentally Conditioned Their Pets To Do And It's Adorable

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Animals are smart and pick up on signals pretty easily, whether we meant to teach them something or not. People are sharing the things they accidentally taught their pets to do and the stories are pretty hilarious, enjoy!

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    An Affectionate Kitty

    From Redditor u/missmartian1992:

    My old cat learned by watching my SO and I to give forehead kisses and hold hands as a sign of affection. So now he will give you his forehead and give him a kiss and then you have to let him kiss your forehead. And at night he will hold your hand and sleep next to you through the night.

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    When Ice Is Life

    From Redditor u/tstock415:

    My dog knew he would always get some ice to chew when I went to the fridge so any time he heard the ice machine on the fridge start he would come running in. Once he became deaf he would feel the vibrations in the floor from it and knew it was ice time!

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    At Least They Have Good Manners

    From Redditor u/VeryAgitatedEngineer:

    My cat meows twice (like “bless you”) when I sneeze and I say “thank you” back. She started doing that on her own.

    I stopped saying thank you a few times and now she won’t stop yelling at me until she knows I’m okay.

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    Kitty Exterminator

    From Redditor u/C8H10N4O2Addiction:

    I picked my kitten up a few times to kill some spiders up high for me. So now whenever I pick her up she looks up at the ceiling and looks for spiders.

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    A Tiny Rotisserie Chicken

    From Redditor u/WebsterPack:

    My old cockatiel learned to fling herself in the sink and paddle around because then I would fish her out and dry her with my hairdryer. All I had to do was turn it on and hold it, she'd fluff up her feathers and slowly turn around in the air stream. Like a tiny rotisserie chicken.

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    Possibly The Cutest Thing We've Ever Read

    From Redditor u/Kayleiighm:

    When I was little I would constantly carry around one of my cats, Feist. Since my hands were full with her I would use one of her outstretched paws to turn on lights whenever we entered a room.

    Now the little bastard switches them on and off for fun.

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