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The Craziest Things People Do To Boost Their IQs

It’s no secret – most people want to be smart. And how do we prove to the world (and mainly, ourselves) that we are crazy IQ geniuses? By scoring sky high on the Intelligence Quotient (AKA IQ) test. While lots of people take this test seriously, for some, it is a matter of going to the extreme to score over 140, the threshold that separates the "geniuses" from those of "above average" intelligence.

So, can you improve an IQ score with just brain-enhancing video games alone? What are the best ways to get smarter, anyway? Does anyone actually know how to boost an IQ score, or are those who claim that they can just plain wacky?

If being a little bit nutty is a prerequisite for a high IQ (hey, it worked for Albert Einstein), those adhering to the guidelines listed below are definitely one step ahead of the rest of the world. Decide for yourself whether or not that step is right off the deep end. Here are some of the craziest things people have done to try to get a high IQ score.