Things People Are Most Likely To Fight Over On Black Friday

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If all the video footage is to be believed, Black Friday deals can seemingly entice even the most composed person to whack a total stranger in the face. There is really no rhyme or reason to the things people fight over on Black Friday. As long as it's cheap, on sale, and could remotely fit the needs of someone on your shopping list, we are willing to brawl to get our hands on it.

The high-stakes atmosphere is only cultivated by the retail industry. By opening doors on Thanksgiving or even earlier, stores are setting up a tense situation where supply is limited, deals are too good to pass up, and people are too stressed out and exhausted to refrain from physical violence after waiting in line all night. It may not say something particularly noble about this land of ours, but we will do some of the most outrageous things to get our hands on the hottest Black Friday products.

If you're currently plotting your plan of attack, you first need to know what people want to buy on Black Friday this year. Here are a few of the season's hottest items. They will be worth any assault charges or body casts that may result from obtaining them.

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