Things That Only Make Sense If You Grew Up In Small Town Texas

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Texas is one of those places where locals know when someone is an outsider. If you’re not from Texas, you can’t pronounce the names of certain towns, don’t know how to order correctly at a restaurant, and you don’t wave at strangers when they drive by. There are some things only Texans understand. When people ask what it's like to live in Texas, they want to hear something about riding horses or wearing cowboy hats. But in reality, growing up in Texas is all about how you talk, what you did on Friday night, and how often you ate Whataburger.

There are some things that only make sense if you're from Texas. There are parts of the state that are breathtaking, and towns that are incredibly spooky. It doesn’t matter what town you were born in – if you grew up in the Lone Star state, you had a shared experience with about 27 million people. Keep reading to learn about the things people from small-town Texas get.

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    You Can't Go To The Grocery Store Without Seeing Someone You Know

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    It's Already 90 Degrees... At Nine In The Morning

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    Girls Wear Homecoming Mums Twice The Size Of Their Bodies

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    Waving At Strangers Is A Way Of Life

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    Do You Drink Your Tea Sweet Or "Unsweet"?

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    You Don't See A Problem With Driving Eight Hours To Do Something