Things People Lie About Most Often 

Elise Hennigan
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List Rules Thumbs up if you can remember telling that lie in the past 6 months. White lies only. Nothing like, "I killed someone and lied about it." Seek help if you are lying about that.

Lies we tell each other: white lies, red lies, black lies... but mostly just the first category. These are the most common lies we tell on a daily basis. Why lie, you ask? We do it to save face, to smooth out social situations, to make people feel better, to make our lives more comfortable. This list is full of (mostly) harmless lies that we have become so accustomed to saying that we may not even notice them. 

What do people lie about? Some of these lies are pretty common: "How are you?" "Fine, you?" works as shorthand to keep our society on track. (Can you imagine explaining your latest relationship woes to the store clerk and then your barista and then all your co-workers and then your mother? It'd be exhausting.) Some of the lies on this list are a little more serious. Like claiming that you love a book you haven't read or a movie you haven't seen. That's just weird. Maybe you should stop doing that. But the reason those things are on this list of common white lies is because people do tell them all the time. 

So here is your chance to be honest. What do you lie about? Which of these little white lies have you heard coming out of your mouth? If you think of more common lies we tell that aren't on this list, by all means, add them.
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I'm Fine
// I could be any number of these things: angry, disappointed, sad, tired...or maybe I'm fine. But you'll never know. 
I'm 5 Minutes Away
// I haven't left yet. 
datrlykewlfreekinguymandood added I Gotta Go
gamedemon24 added Yeah, I'm Listening
// I haven't heard a word.
CooperLee added Just Kidding
I Can Say Anything I Feel Like Saying and Not Get In Trouble
I Love It!
// if I keep saying that maybe you won't notice I'm lying. 
RedCXP added I'm Busy that Day
// Busy watching TV.
My Phone Died
// I'm screening your calls. 
Let's Keep in Touch
// You'll never hear from me. 
I Totally Forgot to Do That Thing You Asked Me to Do
// I did not expect to get called out about this. 
There Was Really Bad Traffic
// I didn't leave my house on time and am going to use traffic to cover my tracks. 
muzziac added Don't worry, it's okay.
it's not okay and you should feel awful
DawnGiordano added I Will Call You Later
// or you know, never.
I Think There Is Something Wrong With My Phone
// There is nothing wrong with my phone. 
Mia W (SweetLilMzMia) added
It's Really Good to See You
// I am polite in social situations. 
It Wasn't Me
"I've Been Swamped Lately."
// I haven't made time for you. 
Oh Yeah...That Makes Sense!
// I feel stupid. Please continue and stop trying to explain. 
Oh Yeah, I Remember You
// I have no idea who this person is.
NateinMpls added I'm Happy to Help You
// this is the worst.
That Was Funny
// If it was actually funny, I'd be laughing. Not verbally telling you it was funny. 
This Is Delicious!
// what'd you say this is again?
You Look Great in That Outfit!
// You look okay, at best. 
I Called You Back!
// I totally forgot to call you back. Maybe you'll think your phone is broken?