What Do You Miss The Most About '00s?

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Vote up the things you wish you had appreciated more; vote down those that you're happy forgetting about.

The 2000s were a decade defined by breakthroughs in technology, strides towards mass human interaction, and pink Razr flip phones. Style is something that always seems to be critiqued in hindsight, which is the only argument that could possibly justify the neon, candy-colored clothing and accessories that littered the time period. Pop punk bands reigned supreme, and their subjects would gather yearly to hear them perform at Vans Warped Tour. MySpace was the dominant social media platform, Dane Cook was considered hilarious, and a political cataclysm would forever solidify the term "hanging chad" in the public consciousness. 

For all the strange fads of the '00s, there were also some wonderful occurrences. America elected its first non-white president in Barack Obama, many young kids protested for the first time against the invasion of Iraq, and people banded together to aid victims of massive atrocities like the September 11th terror attacks and Hurricane Katrina. Like any decade, there was a strange mix of wonderful and catastrophic events, but it was definitely an interesting decade to live through.

With all that said, what do you miss most about the '00s? Vote up the things you wish you'd appreciated more, and vote down the things you're more than happy to forget.  

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