true stories People Reveal Things They Swear They Saw But Have No Proof Of  

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Have you ever been out driving with your friends, and suddenly you see something unexplainable on the road that no one else saw? Everyone has a story where something crazy happened, that they know happened, even though they have zero proof. Over on Reddit, there’s a thread where people reveal things they think they saw. Even though there’s no proof of their claims, the creepy true stories are still riveting. Some of these Reddit tales that don't have proof are incredibly spooky, but there are a few that are fun, and some that are just straight up weird.

If you like entertaining and weird Reddit stories, then these stories people can't back up are the perfect thing to read to get you through your day, or even to make you feel better about that thing you saw that one time that no one believes you about. You know the one. Keep reading and vote up the wildest true stories that can't be proven true, but people swear really happened. 

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Ghost Dad

From Redditor hotdogwehaveaweiner:

"When I was five, I woke up from my sleep and saw a man sitting on the stairs watching me. I wasn't scared though. There was something tranquil about it. I just watched him and he watched me for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, he was gone. A few days later, I found out my dad was killed in Europe. I live in Canada and my parents were separated. There's pictures of me with him when I was just born, but he left shortly after that. To this day, that is the only memory that I have of my dad. A ghost watching over me. I don't believe in ghosts, but I know what I saw. I've never told anyone before except my mom."

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Chicken Or Pterodactyl?

From Redditor Zero_Fux_2_Give

"When I was living in Missouri in 2012 or 2013, I was feeding my chickens when they started acting very strange and ran inside their coop. I looked up and I swear to God, I saw a pterodactyl. I watched it as it glided over my property, then my neighbor's, then across a small valley, and until it was completely out of sight.

There is no way it could have been anything else. As plain as day, it was a pterodactyl.

Very few people besides my wife and parents that I have told believe me, so I don't tend to talk to many people about it. I even started doing research on pterodactyl sightings and emailed a subject matter expert; apparently they (the sightings) are not as uncommon as most people think.

And before I start getting blasted: I'm not a crazy person, I'm a perfectly sane 34-year-old man with no history of mental problems who has been holding down a solid career for the past 10 1/2 years.

I saw a pterodactyl, and that is a fact. I simply have no proof other than my word."

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Carnival Doppelganger

From Redditor no_egrets

"Once as a kid, my parents took me to a carnival. I was four years old, and at the time an only child. I got in line for one of those rides where you sit inside a plastic dragon and spin the wheel to rotate yourself faster. Climbing into what I assumed was an empty dragon, I was startled to see another girl already waiting for the ride to start. She looked exactly like me. We spun the wheel and stared at each other in silence, without blinking, for the entire duration of the ride. When it ended, we got mixed up in the shuffle and my parents started to walk away with this other little girl. I yelled for them to wait, and they turned back and saw me 20 feet behind them. They both went ghost white, and when I caught up, my doppelgänger was gone. To this day, we never ever speak of that trip to the carnival."

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The Dog Man Of Michigan

From Redditor ViolentGrace

"I heard, and saw, something similar in the [upper part] of Michigan, in the Sioux Saint Marie campground! Everyone was asleep, my camp site was the only one with a fire lit, and my dad's girlfriend and I were awake. All of a sudden, I hear this terrible scream with an almost cackle quality to it. Then there was a rustling on the other side of a fence.

We had a clear line of sight between the campsite and the fence and this weird cougar/dog/human looking thing climbed over fence with its knees and arms bent at odd angles (almost 90°), then it was over the fence. It stood up on two legs and ran to the left into the campgrounds. It was terrifying. No one has ever believed me, but my dad's now ex-girlfriend still remembers, and looking into the urban legends in Michigan, I came across the story of the dog man."