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People Reveal Things They Swear They Saw But Can't Prove 

Jacob Shelton
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Have you ever been driving with your friends, and you suddenly see something unexplainable on the road that no one else saw? Everyone has a story about something crazy happening, that they know happened, even though they have zero proof. Over on Reddit, there’s a thread where people reveal things they think they saw. Even though there’s no evidence of their claims, the creepy true stories are still riveting. Some of these Reddit tales that don't have proof are incredibly spooky, but there are a few that are fun, and some that are just straight up weird.

If you like entertaining and weird Reddit stories, then these tales are the perfect thing to read to get you through your day, or maybe to make you feel better about that thing you saw that one time that no one believes you about. You know the one. Keep reading and vote up the wildest "true" stories that can't be proven.

Ghost Dad

From a Former Redditor

When I was 5, I woke up from my sleep and saw a man sitting on the stairs watching me. I wasn't scared though. There was something tranquil about it. I just watched him and he watched me for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, he was gone. A few days later, I found out my dad was killed in Europe. I live in Canada and my parents were separated. There's pictures of me with him when I was just born, but he left shortly after that.

To this day, that is the only memory that I have of my dad. A ghost watching over me. I don't believe in ghosts, but I know what I saw. I've never told anyone before except my mom.

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Carnival Doppelganger

From Redditor no_egrets

Once as a kid, my parents took me to a carnival. I was four years old, and at the time an only child. I got in line for one of those rides where you sit inside a plastic dragon and spin the wheel to rotate yourself faster. Climbing into what I assumed was an empty dragon, I was startled to see another girl already waiting for the ride to start. She looked exactly like me. We spun the wheel and stared at each other in silence, without blinking, for the entire duration of the ride.

When it ended, we got mixed up in the shuffle and my parents started to walk away with this other little girl. I yelled for them to wait, and they turned back and saw me 20 feet behind them. They both went ghost white, and when I caught up, my doppelgänger was gone. To this day, we never ever speak of that trip to the carnival.

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Something In The Water

From a Former Redditor

When I was in the US Navy in the mid-2000s, I was in the Western Pacific doing a tour on the USS Kitty Hawk. I was on night shift at the time and it was about 2am and there was a storm way off on the horizon, lighting up the skyline something fierce to the portside. I swear to this day that I saw something that had to be about the size of a large skyscraper breaking the water, silhouetted against the horizon.

I've heard stories from people who have seen similar things. Only people who have seen similar things have ever come close to believing me. I don't blame anyone for not believing me. It's haunted me for over a decade. And I'll probably never know what it was. I just know there's creepy f*cking sh*t out there.

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The Message From God

From Redditor /u/Chief_Ping

I went outside early one morning and saw this woman kneeled in my mother's flower garden. I was a little sketched out. I was like, 10, and a person I didn't know was just sitting in the middle of our garden. Not knowing what to do, I just said hello to her. She turned around and immediately apologized for being in our yard, and said that we had such nice flowers, she couldn't help it. Then she walked away. I thought it was cute, didn't think any more of it, and went about my day.

My mom and dad left to do errands and my brother and I were home alone. We were both watching TV. Without any warning, someone taps my shoulder behind me. I freak out, turn around, and SHE IS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND MY BROTHER AND I.

She apologized immensely and then asked where my mom and dad were, and I told her they would be back anytime, but that she really shouldn't be coming into people's houses. She agreed, and asked for a pen and a piece of paper, saying she wanted to write them a note. I complied and told her to do it out in the dining room. I peered from behind a corner in my hallway and never let her out of my sight. I was beyond afraid. She calmly set the pen down, shouted, 'Thank you,' from the dining room, and then walked out the front door. I bolted to the window and made sure she was gone, then I bolted to the door and locked it. Then I nervously and very slowly approached the note she left on the table.

I read it and was dumbfounded. She said that she believed God spoke to her in the garden, and told her to build an altar to her grandmother. The note was her scheduling an appointment with my mother to discuss placing a tombstone and a prayer table or something in the garden.

My parents got home and I freaked out, I told them my mom had to talk to this woman. She left her phone number on the note. My mom took the day off work, sat out on the porch at the time the woman said, and waited for her to arrive. She never showed up. My mom called the number on the note, only to get a disconnected message. The only proof I had of any of these things happening was the note she left. My mom and dad don't believe most of the story, and it seems even my brother forgot about it, but I know it happened.

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