Which Things Do People Often Think They're Good At (But Definitely Aren't)?

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Vote up the things that people always say they're good at, but rarely are; vote down the things most people actually have a decent handle on.

Everyone has that friend (or maybe they are that friend) who claims to be great at an array of different tasks, while in reality, they really just aren't that good at any of them.

"I'm a great cook," "I'm really good at dating," "I give great advice" - these are just a few of the proclamations that lead people into the murky waters of personal deceit that will inevitably earn them some public ridicule if and when the truth is revealed.

So, why do people claim to be good at things when they're not? Is it social pressure striking fear in their egos? Or is it simply an innocent misjudgment of one's own abilities? Whatever the cause, the end result is the same - people think they're good at things that they aren't. 

Vote up the things people often think they're good at, but that they really just don't have a clue about.

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
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  • Listening
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  • Driving
    331 votes


  • Staying Out Of Drama
    326 votes

    Staying Out Of Drama

  • Being Humble
    279 votes

    Being Humble

  • Singing
    329 votes


  • Being Honest
    193 votes

    Being Honest