Catholicism 29 Things That Only Make Sense If You Grew Up Catholic  

Ann Casano
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Every church has its own set of traditions and rituals. These funny things about growing up Catholic will bring you right back to the hard wooden pew on Easter wearing your Sunday best and trying not to laugh at your best friend who is making faces during the Sermon. 

Have you ever tried to wear the Rosary as a necklace? Agonize over your confirmation name? Been to church on Christmas Eve for a four hour Midnight Mass? Those things only Catholics understand are sure to make you chuckle.

There are so many beautiful Catholic churches around the world with incredible architecture and breathtaking stained glass windows, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some weird beliefs that only people who had to attend CCD every week through eighth grade would understand. From Baptism, to Communion, to Confirmation, check out these things that only make sense if you grew up Catholic.

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Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down...
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The Excitement Of First Communion Because You Finally Get To Taste The Body Of Christ
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Ash Wednsday Meant Having To Wear The Sign Of The Cross On Your Forehead All Day
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Not Really Knowing What You Wanted To Fess Up To During Confession
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Having A Favorite Hymn And Lowkey Being Excited When It Started In Mass
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Finding The Perfect Balance Of What To Give Up During Lent That Would Be Legit But Not Totally Kill You
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The Sheer Awkwardness Of Having To Shake Strangers Hands During The Sign Of Peace
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Wondering If A Sin Would Actually Send You To Hell
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Christmas Eve Meant Midnight Mass
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You Never Wanted To Eat A Steak So Badly More Than A Friday During Lent
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Praying To Saint Anthony Every Time You Lost Something
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Guilt Is A Staple Of Your Personality
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The Constant Wonder Of Why The Church Can't Design A Pew With A Cushion
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Finally Tasting The Communion Wafer And Being Disappointed Because It Tasted Like Cardboard
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Agonizing Over What You Wanted Your Confirmation Name To Be
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The Joy Of Finishing Your Last CCD Class
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Is That A Communion Dress Or A Wedding Gown?
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The Immense Guilt Of Giving In And Eating A Burger On A Friday During Lent
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Thinking That It Might Be Pretty Cool To Be A Priest Or A Nun
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Getting The Evil Eye From Dad Because Your Brother Made You Laugh During The Sermon
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Finding The Perfect Outfit For Easter Sunday Mass
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Wanting So Badly To Drink "The Blood Of Christ" Because It's Wine
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Seeing All Your Friends At Sunday Mass But Trying Not To Laugh
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Getting Yelled At For Wearing The Rosary Like A Necklace
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You Can Fold A Palm Frond Into A Cross In 30 Seconds