People Reveal The Things They Want To Tell Their Significant Others (But Don't Dare To)

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Keeping things from a significant other is a relationship rite of passage. Everyone does it. Should you really tell your girlfriend that her shoes make her look like a '90s librarian? Should you tell your boyfriend that no one says "dope" anymore and to please stop? No, that would be hurtful.

You keep your mouth shut and quietly try to mold their behavior. But if you're lying to your girlfriend or boyfriend about things like your sexual needs, your preferred style of communication, or other relationship deal breakers, it may be necessary to come out with the truth. Consult any piece of Internet relationship advice and it will probably tell you that honesty is the way to go. Keeping things from your girlfriend or boyfriend won't get you far.

There are, however, a few things that people get hung up on. These are the truths that should really be aired out, but they are the scariest ones to face because they're potentially the most hurtful. As a first step, a bunch of people have taken to Reddit to declare the one thing they wish they could tell their significant other, but are too scared to divulge. Hopefully, after telling a bunch of strangers on the Internet they can find the courage to tell their actual SO.  

Read through this list and see if you can recognize damaging behavior that you may be unwittingly making your partner suffer through. Maybe you can change your ways before your bf or gf has to bring up anything at all. And if you're not telling your significant other something, leave a comment and tell us what and why.

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    This Might Take The Cake

    From condude:

    "To a previous SO, your positive traits are common, and your negative traits are rare."

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    This Guy Wishes He Could Tell His Girl Where She Should Direct Her Anger

    From Tomhs6:

    "When she's mad at something that has absolutely nothing to do with me, to please not take her anger out on me."


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    Her Messiness Is About To Be A Dealbreaker

    From Quetzel:

    "You're a slob and part of the reason this relationship hasn't moved forward is because I can't see myself moving in with you until you change."

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    He's Trying To Be Cool But Doesn't Love How Much She Drinks

    From OverthinkingMachine:

    "I actually don't like it when she goes out with her coworkers. Part of it stems from the fact that I feel like she has guy coworkers that want her, but the main reason is a mix of that and how she can get a bit too drunk. It hasn't happened often, but while we have been seeing each other, there were three occasions where she drank way too much and ended up blacking out. Thankfully, though, each time she had some good girl friends with her that ended up taking care of her.

    "The first time I ever felt this way was actually a year ago on her birthday. Then, two of her guy coworkers ended up meeting up with her and her girl friends. They ended up buying her way too many drinks and I was supposed to meet up with her. We were texting and she was telling me where to go, but somewhere along while I was on my way, they changed locations and she was already too drunk to text me and I ended up not meeting up with them anymore. With her bday coming back up, I'm nervous this is going to happen again."