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10 Outrageous Things "Remote Viewers" Have Claimed to See with ESP

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What do paranormal hijinx, international espionage, secret government programs, and Jeff Bridges have in common? They are all connected with remote viewing. But what the heck are remote viewers? Put simply, remote viewing is the ability to gain information from a distant or unseen target through the use of extrasensory means (think ESP). And if you believe in any of the following super weird remote viewing claims, the implications are incredible.

  • Aliens Exist, and Collaborate with Humans to Stop Nuclear War

    In one of the weirder remote viewer claims, Major Ed Dames, one of the original students involved in Project Stargate, said that not only do extra-terrestrials exist, but they are actually collaborating with humans to stop nuclear war. On the Coast to Coast Radio show, Ed Dames describes UFOs that were reported actively shutting down US trident nuclear missile tests. When the Pentagon asked him if he could get any intelligence from remote viewing, he said his remote viewers claimed that these were not craft, but plasma balls being controlled by both extraterrestrials and human beings that were not born on this planet.

  • A Remote Viewer Actually Predicted the Ring Around Jupiter

    Photo: NASA

    The CIA also had its own remote viewing program that predated the Pentagon’s by a few years. One of its remote viewers, Ingo Swann, remote viewed the perimeter of Jupiter and predicted that there was a faint ring around the planet, something our telescopes were unable to detect. When Pioneer 10 did a flyby of Jupiter in November 1973, it confirmed there was, in fact, a ring around the planet.

  • Rome Shall Be Destroyed

    Photo: Giorgio Vasari / Wikimedia Commons

    E.M. Gene Nicolay also predicted that after World War III, Islamic terrorists will flee the Middle East and flood into Europe, causing the destruction of Rome in 2030. If those kind of nightmares intrigue you, you can read more about his predictions in “Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension.”

  • There Are Alien Structures on the Dark Side of the Moon

    Photo: NASA/NOAA

    Ingo Swann, one of the most experienced remote viewers, claims he saw structures and humanoids on the far side of the moon. As he put it, "I found towers, machinery, lights buildings, humanoids busy at work on something I couldn’t figure out." Although by the time he saw this, he says the intelligence community already knew about it.