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10 Outrageous Things "Remote Viewers" Have Claimed to See with ESP

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What do paranormal hijinx, international espionage, secret government programs, and Jeff Bridges have in common? They are all connected with remote viewing. But what the heck are remote viewers? Put simply, remote viewing is the ability to gain information from a distant or unseen target through the use of extrasensory means (think ESP). And if you believe in any of the following super weird remote viewing claims, the implications are incredible.

  • Remote Viewers Claim They Were Part of a Secret Pentagon Program

    Photo: BBC Films

    The US government thought remote viewing was intriguing enough to actually create an investigative unit in 1978. Along with the Defense Intelligence Agency and a private contractor called SRI International, they established “Project Stargate” in Fort Meade, MD to explore the possibilities for remote viewing in general intelligence.

    The story of this unit was dramatized in the 2009 film The Men Who Stare at Goats, starring George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, and Ewan McGregor. Though many of the events in the film were fictionalized, the existence of the program and the hard scientific protocols used to test and train the men were based on facts.

    The program was discontinued and declassified in 1995, after the Pentagon determined that it wasn’t useful.

  • UFOs Exchanged Fire with a Russian Submarine

    In 1975, Ingo Swann, remote viewer from the original CIA program, made another astounding claim when asked to remote view on the coordinates of a Russian submarine. He deduced it was some sort of test, since the Pentagon already knew what happened to the submarine. While remote viewing he was quoted as saying “Oh my God,” and, “I think that this submarine has shot down a UFO or the UFO fired on her. What shall I do?" After delivering his report, the Pentagon further funded the CIA program.

  • One Remote Viewer Predicts Another Civil War in America

    Photo: Currier and Ives/Library of Congress / Wikimedia Commons

    Some remote viewers say they can use their abilities to see things in the distant and not so distant future. E.M. Gene Nicolay is one such remote viewer; he claims companies and governments have hired him for his predictions, and he has made some extraordinary predictions. Highlights include a global currency reset between 2017 and 2019, the destruction of Rome in 2030, and an American Civil War in 2035. He outlines his predictions further in his book Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension.

  • Remote Viewers Correctly Identified One of the Kidnappers of Patricia Hearst

    Photo: FBI

    Wealthy heiress Patricia Hearst was violently kidnapped from her home in 1974 by a cult known as the Symbionese Liberation Army, which went on to brainwash her and enlist her in their crimes. In the days immediately after her kidnapping, Berkeley police were still in the dark and frantically looking for leads. Along with his team, Russell Targ (one of the original remote viewers of the CIA program) used remote viewing and was the first to correctly identify the kidnapping car and one of the kidnappers.