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The Craziest Things People Have Seen On DMT, The Death Chemical In Your Brain

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DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound that’s known to induce short, very intense bursts of hallucinations where things get weird and stay weird. Pretty much everyone that smokes this specific psychedelic has a bunch of crazy DMT stories that make very little sense if you’ve never tried a mind-altering drug. But even if you’re stone cold sober, you should be able to enjoy a bunch of people talking about crashing through domes of lights while their computer is sad with them and other wild DMT tales.

Distinguishing the craziest things people have seen on DMT from the totally normal things that people have seen while they “explore the dome” is like sorting apples from slightly less interesting apples. Almost every DMT experience is a little weird, you are ingesting a mind altering substance, but these stories of death, rebirth, and Pink Floyd are some of the strangest visions people have had on DMT. 

  • "My House Was Un-Building Itself"

    "My House Was Un-Building Itself"
    Photo: YouTube

    Redditor GreeneSt4r20 had an incredibly strange experience while smoking DMT. Not only did he witness his home un-building itself, which could be stressful if he's a home owner, but he also somehow ended up in the forest. "I'm sitting on a chair and it's like everything rewinded. my house was un building itself and it was so crazy because it stopped and everything around me was deep forestry. I remember this all vivid. I could hear birds and I went to stand up and my vision started flickering back to my actual surroundings and it scared me so I sat back down."

  • "I Suddenly Went Flying Through A Colorful Tunnel"

    "I Suddenly Went Flying Through A Colorful Tunnel"
    Photo: YouTube

    Reddit user captonpen had an experience that seems closer to something from an X-Files episode than the rest of the experiences that are collected here. Everything they explain is pretty "normal" as far as DMT trips go, but then the operating table shows up: "I suddenly went flying through a colorful tunnel seeing everyone I've ever known in my life going by me super fast, it was so fast their heads started to bend back and form an oblong alien looking shape. It was then that it seemed like something popped. The next thing I remember was laying on what looked like a stainless steel operating table.

    "There were several of these tables lined up next to me. The tables had round holes in it, maybe to let fluids drain off during an operation. I looked around the room, not knowing were I was, what I was doing there, or what was happening. The room was almost all stainless steel except for a small window that was to my left. Outside the window I could see the stars and it looked like I was in space." The whole thing ended with aliens performing telepathic surgery before the user ended up back in their room. Phew. 

  • "As I Exhaled, I Crashed Through The Ceiling Of The Dome Of Colors, And Broke Into An Abyss Of Darkness"

    "As I Exhaled, I Crashed Through The Ceiling Of The Dome Of Colors, And Broke Into An Abyss Of Darkness"
    Photo: YouTube

    A lot of DMT users discuss feeling like they're under a dome, which is an interesting commonality among all of the experiences. But rather than getting trapped beneath the dome of colors, Redditor BetweenTheWaves broke on through to the other side. "The first thing I witnessed was what appeared to be a giant dome of flickering lights and colors, and I was on the inside looking up to the zenith of it. There were jagged lines and shapes everywhere, colors flashing and waving everywhere.

    "It was astonishing. Only then did I realize that I was still holding my breath, so I exhaled through my nose (as directed by my friend). As I exhaled, I crashed through the ceiling of the dome of colors, and broke out into an abyss of darkness. However, within this darkness was an endless minefield of blue orbs. "

  • "I Was Falling From The Sofa To Infinity" And "My Friends Appeared To Be Melting"

    "I Was Falling From The Sofa To Infinity" And "My Friends Appeared To Be Melting"
    Photo: YouTube

    This is amazing, one psychonaut on Reddit didn't think that he could experience anything from DMT, but on his third experience with the mind-breaking drug things got real. After taking three giant bong rips of DMT (that may have been forced on them), Holyshitdeems recalls: "I was falling into the sofa to infinity, my vision was going away, my friends appeared to be melting, the room was getting bigger and bigger. My mind was screaming at me that this wasn't normal as my sense of reality was being shredded to oblivion. The ringing in my ears got deafening and intense to where I felt all the cells in my body were vibrating like a subwoofer turned to full. The room went black, and the last thing I thought was 'I'm gonna die.'" Thank goodness he lived to blog about it.