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The Craziest Things People Have Seen On DMT, The Death Chemical In Your Brain

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DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound that’s known to induce short, very intense bursts of hallucinations where things get weird and stay weird. Pretty much everyone that smokes this specific psychedelic has a bunch of wild DMT stories that make very little sense if you’ve never tried a mind-altering drug. But even if you’re stone-cold sober, you should be able to enjoy a bunch of people talking about crashing through domes of lights while their computer is sad with them and other wild DMT tales.

Distinguishing the craziest things people have seen on DMT from the totally normal things that people have seen while they “explore the dome” is like sorting apples from slightly less interesting apples. Almost every DMT experience is a little weird; you are ingesting a mind-altering substance, but these stories of death, rebirth, and Pink Floyd are some of the strangest visions people have had on DMT. 

  • "All I Saw Was Fantasy"

    Oren, a fellow who allowed himself to be photographed while smoking DMT and discussed his experience with Vice, felt that his entire surroundings were vibrant and straight out of a cartoon.

    He recalls: "[the] whole room was dancing. To my left all I saw was fantasy. I was going through something very f*cking serious. You’re beyond consciousness—but you are consciousness—and you want nothing to tie you down to this physical realm. I went through so many dreams and so many scenarios. It was basically a concentrated dream."

  • "The World Crusher... Is Holding Planets And Crushing Them Into Dust"

    Aubrey Marcus is kind of a motivational speaker who is also the CEO of a holistic healthcare company called Onnit, which seeks to provide performance supplements, workout equipment, and philosophy in general. Obviously, he's the perfect guy to take DMT and have an insane experience. In an interview with Joe Rogan, he explained that even before he took DMT, he was visited by a demon who told him that he was going to kill him on the day he was smoking DMT. So, that's fun.

    On the day he smoked DMT, he first saw "doctors of light" that wanted to "fix" pieces of his body, then he met something called the pleasure monkeys (that seems kind of complicated), and then the demon showed up. Marcus said that the demon ate through his neck in order to get to the "white light" in his heart. So, think about that the next time you prepare for a fun little trip. Oh yeah, and a demon he refers to as "the demon of all demons" and "the world crusher" was pulverizing the cosmos.

  • "There Were Slinkys Everywhere"

    How do you feel about Slinkys? You know, those metal coils that can jump up and down stairs at will. One is fine, but can you imagine if you were surrounded by them?

    A woman who smoked DMT with Vice certainly can: "After the second puff there were like Slinkys everywhere. Colorful Slinkys that were not necessarily attacking me, but coming towards my face. And all the colors that were in the room, that I imagined were in the room, were coming at me as well. It was beautiful."

  • "My House Was Un-Building Itself"

    Redditor /u/GreeneSt4r20 had an incredibly strange experience while smoking DMT. Not only did they witness their home un-building itself, which could be stressful if they're a homeowner, but they also somehow ended up in the forest. 

    "I'm sitting on a chair and it's like everything rewinded. my house was un-building itself and it was so crazy because it stopped and everything around me was deep forestry. I remember this all vivid[ly]. I could hear birds and I went to stand up and my vision started flickering back to my actual surroundings and it scared me so I sat back down."