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Things Taylor Swift Ruined For Everyone Else

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Taylor Swift is great singer-songwriter who has crafted plenty of really good songs, but the one thing she truly excels at is taking something cool and running it into the ground. It doesn’t matter what it is, if Taylor Swift gets her hands on something cool then she immediately rings it dry in what seems like an attempt to bleed the world of anything fun. Of all the things Taylor Swift ruined, Tom Hiddleston may have suffered the most. Before dating Swift he was at the top of his game, an actor on the precipice of breathing the rarified air of someone who could star in big budget smash ‘em ups while still appearing in critically acclaimed art pieces. But the moment the world saw him in photos with Swift they gave him a big thumbs down while blowing a raspberry and he just couldn’t shake it off. You may not want to admit it, but the one person at fault for turning his career into a blank space was Taylor Swift.

The "Bad Blood" singer doesn’t just have the power to ruin the careers of the people she surrounds herself with, she can also make entire concepts uncool. How do you feel about vacationing, romance, or dancing? After learning how Swift destroyed these concepts you used to love, you can direct your hate towards the young lady who’s living out her wildest dreams (Swift). And those are just a few of the things Taylor Swift made uncool. 

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    From the moment that a photo of Tom Hiddleston sporting an "I Heart T.S." tank top began making its way around the Internet, you had to know that something had gone wrong. Hiddleston was supposed to be a classic English movie star. He's tall, handsome, and he has great cheekbone structure - he doesn't need to be wearing an ill-fitting tank top while he traipses around the ocean with the world's biggest pop star. In retrospect, there's no way Hiddleston's effortless cool could have survived his relationship with T. Swift - real or not. Every interview he did - and has since done - centered around the singer, and the constant speculation about what they even saw in each other effectively made Hiddleston an object of pity, ruining him forever.

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  • In her quest for domination of the pop charts and the concept of friendship, Taylor Swift managed to ruin what Taylor Swift used to be. In fact, you can look at Taylor Swift in terms of both pre-1989 and post-1989. Prior to 1989, Swift was the every-woman singer songwriter who had a questionable taste in men but even that was endearing. Who hasn't been ghosted by John Mayer? But then something happened. Suddenly she was everywhere. She was fighting with Spotify. She was tooling around with the Haim gals and telling everyone they should be so lucky to see her belly button. Swift created an alternate reality where everything that she did was the most important thing in the world and in doing so she effectively killed off the Taylor Swift that the world once loved. 

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    The Sick Beat

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    While the term "sick beat" was already headed for the door at the time "Shake It Off" debuted, Taylor Swift ensured it got fully booted from pop culture. Now, instead of a catchy garage beat or techno banger, "sick beat" conjures up images of a white woman jacking someone else's swag. Her attempts to eventually copyright the phrase after she already savaged it only looked more pathetic; you can keep the sick beat, Taylor, it's too diseased for anyone else at this point.

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    Large friend groups made up of people with different ethnic, personal, and financial backgrounds are never going to go out of style, but Taylor Swift is trying her darndest to make it happen. Prior to the release of 1989, Swift began to gobble up all of the female musicians, actors, and models that she could and formed them into one large girl gang. The gaggle of girls would go on vacation with her and appear at concerts as if to say "friendship only matters if you have a lot of it." Which is fine, there's nothing wrong with being friends.

    But then the "squad" became such an important part of being an artist, suddenly it mattered if you were or weren't in the squad. For about two year #squadlife took over the world and people began to define themselves by whether they would or wouldn't be in the squad when they really needed to be working on their own squads, and most importantly their squad of one. 

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